Violin Recital
Grigory Sedukh, piccolo violin / Sara Crombach, piano

Works by J. Achron, E. Bloch, M. Bruch, J. Dobrowen, J. Engel, S. Feldman, M. Gnesin, A. Krein, V. Sher, D. Smorgonskaya, L. Zeitlin and E. Zimbalist.

Grigory Sedukh is the only piccolo violinist in the world. His instrument - build by the renowned American violin-maker Carleen Hutchins - is tuned an octave higher than the regular violin. Sedukh is particularly fond of playing Jewish music on his piccolo violin.

Grigory Sedukh recorded together with pianist Yevgeny Khazdan two CD’s with Jewish violin-music: ‘Orientale’ and ‘From Nigun to Operetta’.


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