Why a Jewish Music Projects Foundation?

Due to the political situation in Europe in the past hundred years, fascism and Soviet repression, much of the music by twentieth-century Jewish composers never got the attention it deserved. Superb music, unknown to the world, will turn to dust in archives unless someone does something...

Jewish Music Projects Foundation (JMP) was founded on 27 March 2001 to help bringing this music to the concert hall. Peter Polak (chairman), Tom Swaab (secretary), Robert Kuiper (treasurer), Donald Bleijleve, Hans Bloemendal, Peter Engelsman, Sheila Gogol, Raya Lichansky, Hans Roze, and Han de Vries are members of the Board.


Jewish Music Projects Foundation
Tel: + 31 (0)20 662 3675
e-mail: info@joodsemuziekprojecten.nl