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Tribute to Mikhail Gnesin
Songs and Chamber Music

by the Sovali Consort

Original early 20th century art songs and chamber music inspired by Jewish traditions from Russia with a touch of humor and irony.

01 Song of a Knight Errant, for violoncello and piano Op. 34 (1921), 2:18
02- 05 Jewish Songs, for voice and piano, Op. 37 (1923-1926), 9:21
06 (H)Ora (Galilean Workman’s Dance). Variations for piano 4-hands, Op. 35 (1922-1923), 4:03
07- 09 Three Melodies, for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano, Op. 60 (1942), 3:42
10 -18 Music to the “Story of Red-headed Mottele” by Joseph Utkin, for voice and piano, Op. 44 (1926- 1929), 22:10
19-25 Jewish Orchestra at the Bal of the City Mayor (Grotesque), Op. 41 (1926) – arrangement for ensemble by Alexander Oratovski (2002), with improvisations by Perry Robinson, 16:44
26 Trio to the Memory of Our Lost Children, for violin, violoncello and piano, Op. 63 (1943), 12:05

Total playing time 71:11

Sovali – soprano (2-5, 10-18)
Michel Marang – clarinet (7-9)
Perry Robinson – soprano and sopranino clarinet (19-25)
Grigory Sedukh – violin and piccolo violin (7-9, 19-26)
Alexander Oratovski – cello (1, 7-9, 19-26)
Anat Fort – piano (1-6, 10-25)
Marcel Worms – piano (6, 26)
Sara Crombach – piano (7-9)
Roberto Haliffi – percussion (19-25)

We recorded tracks 1-5 and 10-25 live during a concert on November 10th, 2002 at the Bethaniënklooster in Amsterdam. Tracks 6 and 26 were recorded in the same hall on November 11th, 2002 and tracks 7-9 were recorded on December 12th, 2005. The recording was released on CD in 2009.

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JMP CD 003 ©℗ 2009 - Joodse Muziek Projecten
Recording: Dick Lucas

© All rights reserved

Tags: classical, early twentieth century, chamber music, art songs, yiddish, jewish music, russia, amsterdam

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“This CD captures essential rhythms of Russian Jewish life both religious and secular in a balanced fusion that is uncommon and memorable. […] It shows the range of the composer from evocative passion to playful dances. It is a wonderful introduction to Gnesin’s music.”

Joan Digby, CD Baby

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